Vestments of Siphoning Spellfire


+3 Fortitude, Reflex, and Will.
+3 Spell Resistance.
Can store up to 30 Spell Levels in absorbed magic.
These shoulder pads, robe, and boots, allow the wearer to regain health when he successfully damages an opponent with his Spellfire. For each time he successfully damages an opponent, the user regains 25% of that damage in health, up to a maximum of 1 point per SL spent on the damaging ability.


These garments are in the style of the holy robes of Mystra’s priests. The coloring differs drastically, as the white and gold typical of holy robes is shot through with crimson latticework. This latticework, to a knowing eye, is in the same pattern as the Weave. Out of the corner of your eye as you look at it, it appears to be shifting and moving ever so slightly as if following currents of motion invisible to the naked eye. The latticework all seems to spiral and stretch towards the large gem mounted on the wearer’s throat. This gem glows dimly as long as there is any magic stored within the vestments, growing brighter the more there is stored, until at maximum capacity the gem shines as brightly as a torch.

Vestments of Siphoning Spellfire

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