Legacy of Tears

The ultimate weapon in the fight against undead.

weapon (melee)

Leagacy of Tears

+6 Fullblade (19-20/x2)
High Critical
Reach 2
Intelligent Weapon (Int:15, Wisdom:13, Charisma:16, Ego:34, CN)
Call Lightning 1/day
+10 enhancement bonus to strength
3x damage against undead
Sheds sunlight on command
Skull hilt weeps tears of Holy Water dealing +2d6 damage against undead


All of the Legacies were born from an idea. The idea that by amalgamating various weapons of legendary power, a new weapon could be formed that surpassed even the god’s own creations. The Legacy of Tears was forged when Kindrok found himself in the possession of The Sword of Kas, Aurelia’s Weeping Flail, and his own unique weapon, the Raxamar. The success of the Legacy of Tears spurred confidence in Kindrok that he could continue in this fashion and create a series of weapons like it.

Legacy of Tears

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