Legacy of Heaven

A full-bladed katana with the runes for each of the clans it represents inscribed onto the blade.

weapon (melee)

+7 Katana (19-20/x3)
+10 sacred bonus to Constitution
+10 initiative
Doubles wielder’s speed
Extra attack each round
Immune to illusions
Roll 1d8 on a successful hit:
1) 2 fire damage
2) 4 acid damage
3) 8 electric damage
4) 1d2 constitution damage, and 1d2 constitution poison (DC15)
5) 2 cold damage
6) Cause confusion (DC15)
7) 2 sonic damage
8) Roll twice and apply both results


In an attempt to procure a Mythic Forge Master for the B.P.R.D. Kindrok found himself in a world of clans and swordsmanship called Rokugan. Each generation the eight most powerful clans of the light selected guardians who were to be tasked with the protection of celestial blades of their families. These swords caught Kindrok’s attention, and after his primary task was complete, he ventured back to Rokugan, and periodically bested each clan’s guardian in singular combat with their celestial sword as the prize. With all eight in hand, Kindrok returned to Mystara where he employed the skill of his new Mythic Forge to create the Legacy of Heaven.

Legacy of Heaven

Mystara, The Land Forgotten Kindrok