Legacy Nocturna

A tall sword with a blade so black and sharp it looks as if it were stolen from the night sky itself.

weapon (melee)

+5 Fullblade (19-20/x2)
+1d6 damage against good/neutral aligned creatures
+1d6 damage while in moonlight or starlight
+2d6 additional damage while in absolute darkness
+2d4 Negative levels on a successful hit. After 24 hours the negative level becomes
permanent without a DC25 fortitude save


After stumbling upon the Shard of Night, Kindrok knew that an opportunity for another of his Legacies was upon him. He quickly had the Scylla, the Mythic Forge create for him a vile sword which devoured souls. In the hands of an average adventurer this Souldrinker would seem to be a curse, but to Kindrok, the possibilities of uniting it with such a weapon as the Shard of Night were too tempting to ignore.

Legacy Nocturna

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