Curse of Agonizing Shadow


+2 AC, resist Shadow 10, Darkvision, and the ability to control shadows which aren’t already being magically manipulated while active. Additionally, at the cost of a healing surge’s value in HP or 10 HP and losing a surge, Aslan can cast the following spells once each per day.
~ Confusion.
~ Command.
~ Nightmare.
~ Shadow Walk.
~ Cause Fear.
~ Demise Unseen.

As a Standard action, Aslan can expend a number of HP = his Healing Surge value to create a Shadow Clone. This shadow clone costs 3 HP/minute to maintain outside of combat and 3 HP/round inside combat. The Shadow Clone does not have Aslan’s equipment, but does have his all his abilities, and begins as if he had just been on an extended rest. Additionally, all of the Shadow Clone’s attacks deal Shadow damage.


This curse was designed to trap ones mind in the Shadow Weave. However, because Aslan’s soul is that of Mystra reincarnated without the ego and memories, when he accidentally triggered the curse it didn’t affect him. This was because his soul, which is one and the same with the Weave, is what the Shadow Weave was based off of. Through the Curse of Agonizing Shadows, Aslan was able to gain some minor control of Shadow weave magic at the cost of health. He also gained the ability to manifest the Shadow Helm that envelops the head of one who falls under the Curse of Agonizing Shadows. The curse is a mark on his third eye while the helm is not manifest.

Aslan can activate or deactivate the Helm as a free action as many times per round as he wishes.

Curse of Agonizing Shadow

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