Aegis of the Dragonsoul

A suit of golem armor with some minor vampiric, draconic modifications.


+16 Armor
Closed Environment:
No exposure to outside conditions
All immunities of the construct type
Heightened Senses:
Darkvision 60ft., or increases current darvision byy 60 ft.
+10 circumstance bonus to perception checks
The Aegis of the Dragonsoul does not confer ability check penalties
Fly speed 60 ft.
Underwater breathing for 2 hours, closed air supply renews at a rate of 10 minutes per round


During Kindrok’s encounter with the Black Duke it became obvious to him the pitfalls of becoming a vampire, should he be bitten. The Duke wore a suit of Golem Armor which protected him from sunlight, but he was confined to his armor for the eternity of his existence. After defeating him, Kindrok re-purposed the armor, enhancing its durability and making it almost indestructible at the cost of its protection against magic, creating the Aegis of the Dragonsoul.

Aegis of the Dragonsoul

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