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Welcome to the Mystara, The Land Forgotten Wiki!

This is our wiki Main Page. It serves as a starting point for our wiki. From here we can begin organizing our campaign!

I’d like to see some people add guilds, organizations, new religions, creatures, major opponents, the council, etc. I’ve included the directions below on how to make new pages.

To create a new page, just make a name and surround it with double square brackets like so: A New Page. When you save the page, the link will show up and you can click on it to create the new page.

Linking to existing pages

To link to existing pages, use the same double square brackets. For example, here’s a link to this page: Main Page

Linking to characters

For PCs and NPCs in your campaign, the easiest thing is to use the PC/NPC Link Lookup in the sidebar to the right. It’s quite handy! Otherwise, the links behave much like a wiki link, just with a colon at the start.

Main Page

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