Mystara, The Land Forgotten

In Search of Adventure...

In search of adventure, members of the B.P.R.D. dispatched themselves to the far North, where rumor had it a dungeon teeming with powerful magics lay hidden beneath the snow and ice. A rumor that was verified when, upon entering the ruins, Our heroes were presented with room after room of all manner of weaponry and magical devices. Sharmmroth lay his hands on yet another Orb of Dragon-kind and kindrok discovered a glowing green gem, which he believes to be a piece of the long-thought-destroyed Wier of Kardalion, a magical portal allowing unfettered entrance into the Temporal Prime. Tarbh set out with a crew of succubi as ambassadors to prospective taverns and inns that might wish to offer our long and ever-increasing list of beverages, and Glorinus finally popped the question to his long-time companion.


Kindrok was rehabilitated from his Chaositech surgery, and together with Shamroth they assisted Tarbh in locating a suitable home for his Minotaur brethren. They settled on an island in the south sea; Uninhabited with the exception of a Colossal Red Elder Wyrm. This was all part of Tarbh’s plan, as he was trying to persuade the Dragon to go into business with him a brewer. This plan failed monstrously, and the B.P.R.D., along with the aide of a Gnome Dragon Rider and his Black Dragon, had no alternative but to slay the Dragon. Shamroth manipulated the Dragon into a helpless position, and Kindrok lopped of its head with a mighty cleave of his sword. The group returned to B.P.R.D. Headquarters to find that Scylla had finished all the work she could manage alone, but that she would need assistance if the rest of the orders were to be filled. Kindrok went on yet another expedition through the temporal prime in search of her would-be apprentices, while Shamroth and Tarbh set themselves to establishing the Minotaurs in their new kingdom.

Last Time...

Last time at the B.P.R.D. everyone journeyed into and underground, underwater temple where a crazy priestess was reportedly summoning abberants, and with some amazing killing blows (i.e. blowing the priestess’s head clear off her shoulders) they managed to liberate the lair which Glorinus then claimed as his own. Back at the base Scylla, the Mythic Forge finished the first batch of chaositech, and Kindrok underwent a rigorous month-long surgery to have his second spine implanted. Meanwhile, Glorinus, Tarbh, Aslan and Shamroth decided to go bounty hunting. The council directed them towards a Lich who had been causing problems as of late, but upon arrival, they found a den of dragons instead. A cursory perusing of the dragon’s hoard turned up the lich’s reliquary, which was appropriately dealt with. Having accomplished their task and made friends with a clan of dragons, the group returned to headquarters and deal with matters of a personal nature.

When last we saw our fateful heroes....

When last we played….

Jesus allegory lion chose his dominion from the King. Darvos went to preschool orientation. A trip to the local tavern was made, and grogg was consumed. The troop overtook a pirate fleet consisting of gith and foulspawn. The mining operation sent word of an attack. Upon investigation, it was discovered to be the work of an iron juggernaut and deva cultists. Kindrok was taken to an extra-dimensional arena where he faced off against a spellweaver.

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