Mystara, The Land Forgotten


Kindrok was rehabilitated from his Chaositech surgery, and together with Shamroth they assisted Tarbh in locating a suitable home for his Minotaur brethren. They settled on an island in the south sea; Uninhabited with the exception of a Colossal Red Elder Wyrm. This was all part of Tarbh’s plan, as he was trying to persuade the Dragon to go into business with him a brewer. This plan failed monstrously, and the B.P.R.D., along with the aide of a Gnome Dragon Rider and his Black Dragon, had no alternative but to slay the Dragon. Shamroth manipulated the Dragon into a helpless position, and Kindrok lopped of its head with a mighty cleave of his sword. The group returned to B.P.R.D. Headquarters to find that Scylla had finished all the work she could manage alone, but that she would need assistance if the rest of the orders were to be filled. Kindrok went on yet another expedition through the temporal prime in search of her would-be apprentices, while Shamroth and Tarbh set themselves to establishing the Minotaurs in their new kingdom.



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