Mystara, The Land Forgotten

Last Time...


Last time at the B.P.R.D. everyone journeyed into and underground, underwater temple where a crazy priestess was reportedly summoning abberants, and with some amazing killing blows (i.e. blowing the priestess’s head clear off her shoulders) they managed to liberate the lair which Glorinus then claimed as his own. Back at the base Scylla, the Mythic Forge finished the first batch of chaositech, and Kindrok underwent a rigorous month-long surgery to have his second spine implanted. Meanwhile, Glorinus, Tarbh, Aslan and Shamroth decided to go bounty hunting. The council directed them towards a Lich who had been causing problems as of late, but upon arrival, they found a den of dragons instead. A cursory perusing of the dragon’s hoard turned up the lich’s reliquary, which was appropriately dealt with. Having accomplished their task and made friends with a clan of dragons, the group returned to headquarters and deal with matters of a personal nature.


I wrote this quite a while after we played, so if I’m missing anything, lemme know and I’ll add it in.

Last Time...

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