Mystara, The Land Forgotten

In Search of Adventure...

In search of adventure, members of the B.P.R.D. dispatched themselves to the far North, where rumor had it a dungeon teeming with powerful magics lay hidden beneath the snow and ice. A rumor that was verified when, upon entering the ruins, Our heroes were presented with room after room of all manner of weaponry and magical devices. Sharmmroth lay his hands on yet another Orb of Dragon-kind and kindrok discovered a glowing green gem, which he believes to be a piece of the long-thought-destroyed Wier of Kardalion, a magical portal allowing unfettered entrance into the Temporal Prime. Tarbh set out with a crew of succubi as ambassadors to prospective taverns and inns that might wish to offer our long and ever-increasing list of beverages, and Glorinus finally popped the question to his long-time companion.



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